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Deploy Token Contracts Seamlessly.

Deploy a token with $Contrax in just 3 steps.

Contract Address: 0x7b9432881fff2a9527cfc2efb4d33fc0d7f8e861

From configuration, to deployment, all in under 5 mins.


Create Your $CONTRAX Wallet.

No need to connect your wallet to the application. $Contrax allows you to create a wallet and prove ownership as easy as pasting a transaction hash.

  • Create your $Contract wallet
  • Fund your $Contrax wallet 
  • Add your wallet to metamask

Choose Your Contract

$Contrax will provide you with different types contracts at the tip of your fingers.

Choose a contract and begin configuring your Contract's settings instantly.


  • Choose your contract
  • Configure contract settings (name, symbol, etc)
  • Confirm your contract's configuration

Deploy Your Brand New Contract

After configuring your contract, deploy it seamlessly within $Contrax. 


  • Deploy your new contract
  • Confirm fees before deployment
  • Contract automatically verifies upon successful deployment
key features

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Top Grade Security

Your $Contrax private keys are protected using AES-256 bit encryption using a 64bit alphanumeric secret key.

It would take billions of lifetimes for your private keys to get cracked. Rest assured, we take the utmost priority in protecting your $Contrax wallet's private keys.

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